Friday, 16 July 2010

Thankful Sunday

My wonderful friend Mel ( writes something called a Thankful Friday blog post each week to tell the bloggerverse of the people, objects and experiences, which enrich her life. I love this idea very much as sometimes I become so immersed in the every day trials and tribulations of life that I forget to be mindful, to live purposely and to drink in all the good that I have. I also like seeing the idea of writing weekly as a ritual, a regular time to reflect and search for positivity. So here it goes, this week...

I am thankful for my veg patch for it is slowly but surely coming to life! I have had the pleasure of harvesting my first set of radishes and felt such a strong sense of achievement . I love sniffing my tomato plants, my beans have decided that they do want to thrive, my lettuces are actually starting to take form and I have many salad onions to use this weekend.

I am thankful for surviving a hectic working week and for having a really lovely time at my head teacher’s retirement party. She looked so beautiful and really appreciated the efforts of her staff. I am going to make her a card this weekend, in which I will incorporate the below image of myself. Not only is she an amazing head to work for but she was also the first teacher I had when I first came over to England. Therefore I am also grateful for the many happy memories I have of her.

I am thankful for finding this beautiful book of photography:

I feel so inspired by the whole project of two blogger friends, Maria Alexandra Vettese and Stephanie Congdon Barnes, creating together with such spirit and connectedness.

Take a look at their website

I am thankful and just a little proud of what I have achieved in Susannah Conway’s Unravelling course 'Living in my World’. It has been a rich, spiritual, creative journey. in the process of which my photography skills have blossomed.

Please take a look at her website, she is an awesome writer and photographer as well as being an incredibly honest, compassionate and wise soul.

I am thankful for small comforts and for realising that it is often these small moments of feeling warm and protected that are medicine for the soul. The shot is of my cuddly tortoise Mimi, my good luck charm, who has accompanied me since birth. She knows me inside out and nourishes me with those soft, tatty paws and her deep, understanding eyes.

Last of all I am thankful for having the courage to save a fledgling bird from my cats. Quite often I cannot face these situations as the suffering of the bird or mouse in question is too much for me to take. This weekend I put the need of the sweet little bird first.


Susannah Conway said...

Love, you ROCKED the course! i am so proud of you oxo

Sally H said...

Ahhh what a gorgeous photo of you as a child. Kay will love it! Love your self portrait too - it captures your calmness. I read about the bird on facebook - hope Simon is still in role!

Barb said...

Hello Milena, I think your gratefulness post is wonderful - I, too, attempt to search for one good thing each day. That focus often brings me many good things. I like that you have that childhood photo to use as a card for your Head Teacher, and that you still have your "cuddly" from childhood. Be kind to yourself.

Colette said...

Lovely to see your self portraits again Milena. Glad you were able to help the bird.