Monday, 26 July 2010

Thankful Sunday

This week I am thankful for:

The summer hols! Time to slow down a little and find the odd moment to relax.

My wedding anniversary. I had a rare meal out at a cosy local pub with my husband to celebrate our 4th wedding anniversary. I can’t believe it is already four years ago since that very special day.

The Sketchbook Project. My lovely blogger friend Lis recommended this project and as quick as a flash I had to sign up; what an opportunity! Basically thousands of sketchbooks are available to artists world wide, to fill based on themes determined by the creators of the project. These journals will then tour America as part of an exhibition before finding permanent homes at the Brooklyn Art Library. I love the idea of my artwork reaching out into the world. I have also opted for a digitalised copy, which will be a part of the Sketchbook Project website. I am so excited! Click on the icon for more information.

Art Journal Love Letters. I have read so many wonderful reviews of this course that I simply couldn’t resist this either. It promises such inspiration as well as looking at art journaling techniques. I really do like the idea of making my journaling more creative, linking my everyday life to the art I produce. Looks like I will be enjoying a very creative summer indeed! I am an e -course addict and most proud of the fact :) My life has become so much richer through participating in such projects, not only is my creativity blossoming but so is my self belief.

The August Break Lovely Susannah Conway has created an August photography project. The Idea is to let photographs do the talking on the blogs of anyone who wishes to join her in for the month of August. A photo a day, using a camera of choice, no theme, no restriction, just simply recording life mindfully. Sounds wonderful doesn’t it?

Artful Blogging. This blogging magazine is absolutely gorgeous. I am drinking in the beautiful photography, inspiring stories and amazingly creative ideas. I bought mine from

My new EMAG role in September. I am feeling most inspired about my new EMAG role (Ethnic Minority Achievement Grant), working with children, who have English as an additional language. I am in the middle of transforming an unloved space at school into a stimulating language room and am discovering some amazing resource websites such as.:

I am hoping my printer is up to the challenge of creating all these wonderful resources:)


Barb said...

Milena - You are a busy woman! Your projects all sound very stimulating, creative, and rewarding - I'll use your links to check them out. I liked seeing your smiling face on your wedding photo - Happy 4th (we'll soon celebrate our 44th!).

Lis said...

Oh how much fun are we going to have?! I am SO glad you signed up for Art Journal Love Letters! let Connie know you are a special friend of mine and should therefore get the royal treatment :) I am on that Ning group, so we can see each others pages. I've been immersed in BIG but have another buddy there, so I am trying to get back to posting on it!

Happy 4 year anniversary! Yikes, we just celebrated 22! Sounds like you are having an art-filled, inspired summer. YEAH!

xo much love,


did I mention how thankful I am to have you in my tribe? so, so thankful!

Rose said...

I do so love reading your blog and truly appreciate all the wonderful links, ideas and inspiration I find there!