Thursday, 21 January 2010

The Juicy World Of Trees

Majestic creatures, guarding secrets, looking down on mere mortals, honest to the core.
Their houses magical dens, fortresses to protect, cosy time warps, separate from compromises, from conventions.

To the sun each individual confidently stretches, to pluck the energy it craves, reaching deep into the earth with crooked fingers, to grasp earthly nourishment with elegant force.
Generous bestowers of gifts to passers by as the servants of the Goddess, most glorious of all the breath of life.
Equality rules despite such a multitude of variety, simply yet powerfully they entrust their own unique magick:
A weeping willow’s graceful, drooping frame infuses with tranquility;
A tiny acer, at the beginning of its journey, whispers such possibilities gently into welcoming ears;
A mighty oak inspires with staying power, the wisdom of the years it has survived evident in every crease of bark;
A wispy silver birch immediately cheering with its wiry beauty.
Survivors, often in the face of adversity, braving the seasons in turn with ancient cycles,
From stark wooden structures they transform into bouquets of dazzling pure colour, as intricate artists they paint each landscape into an original.
Observers of the constantly changing environment, silent witnesses of history in the making,
Each spirit a part of an unfathomably vast story.
“When the details become too much, step back, think of me. Visit me, breathe my air deeply. What do I see? What do I hear? What do I say?”

Thursday, 14 January 2010

An authentic life

Whilst reading a friend's latest blog post, I stumbled upon her link to the thought provoking website of Brene Brown. I love her definition of leading an authentic life very much:

Thursday, 7 January 2010


Having recently purchased the rather fabulous 2010 Goddess Year Planner by the lovely and most wise Goddess Leonie ( see the link on the left of this page) I have been hard at work today, pondering upon one of the tasks, namely to pick a word, which symbolises the intentions I set for myself this year. There were so many wondrous words to choose from, yet I couldn’t settle on a particular one until I stumbled across an old soapstone heart I had picked up in a local Buddhist store years ago, feeling drawn to it at the time yet not quite knowing what significance it held for me. Sometimes messages simply take time to be heard and understood!

The longer I held the stone in my hand the stronger the connection to this coming year became. I had previously completed another part of the Goddess Planner, reflecting on the year gone by; it was all going swimmingly until I came to the section asking me what dreams I had achieved. Although I could list so many things to be grateful for,and a significant list of achievements, very few were honestly the fulfillment of my personal dreams for myself. I realised I had taken the first tentative steps to realising my creative self at last ( a huge dream!) but struggled to come up with more than this. I put others before myself so much of the time, which I know is not a negative, and become so wrapped up in the routines of every day life that I feel I had forgotten to reach for those stars. Therefore, this year is the year of precious dreams for me, as by reaching high I will be a richer me and in turn will enrich the lives of others to a much greater extent than before. It means putting my whole self into my writing and my artwork, putting my work out there into the universe. It means exploring photography, growing my own vegetable patch and creating a garden sanctuary, learning to sew, giving my home the flare,the sparkle to reflect my creativity...I hope that as the year progresses I will continue to add a multitude of dreams as my self-belief is nourished and grows. In connection with this I have been busy creating a Magical To Do List Book as suggested by Leonie, stating my intentions but also working out the steps to release them into reality. It has been such a positive, energising experience for me already and the year has only just begun!

What is your word for the year?