Monday, 21 June 2010

I am...

Lis’s weekly reflections seem to work in unison with my thought processes. Who am I? is a question currently very close to my heart. Some of the statements below I believe, others I am writing to make them true. I have been thinking really intensely about rewriting the stories that form my life, in order to give them more positive,more dynamic endings and thus, the following simple statements are part of this quest:

Who am I?

I am a creative explorer, a magpie collecting sparkling tools for her nest.

I am an observer, noting detail, seeing the extraordinary in the ordinary.

I am a teacher, infusing others with spirit and knowledge.

I am a warm hearted giver, sharing my heart and soul without limits.

I am a peace seeker, welcoming calm and forgiveness into the fibres of my being.

I am a listener, soaking up stories deep within.

I am an energy discoverer, glowing, singing, dancing with the wind.

I am a questioner, always hungry to learn and understand.

I am a writer, pouring out words to make sense of my world.

I am a truth speaker, unearthing my voice, giving it light.

I am a supporter, I am roots, I am a rock.

I am a nature lover, fiercely protective, a part of an awe inspiring web.

I am a business adventurer, offering a unique service to the world.

I am a nourisher, my ingredients rich and seasoned with love.

I am a labourer, putting every ounce of my being into this lifetime.

I am a work in progress.

I am this life.

The last sentence links in with a piece of art I created at the weekend. I explored what I imagine my inner sage/wise woman would look :

She is confident with a powerful lion's mane, the colour of nature is evident in her wings. The triquetra embellished on her wings is a symbol of wisdom of the stages of life as well as the connection of mind, body and spirit. She has stars in her hair for she knows that she aims for them in everything she does, they also stand for the sparkle of imagination. The moon and sun on her cheeks remind her that she is a valuable part of a greater picture. She wears a heart as love is her core and she has her arms stretched wide to welcome and nurture. I found the quote in Hand Wash Cold by Karen Maezen Miller (, which I strongly recommend reading, as she is one of the wisest women I have come across.


Barb said...

Hello Milena, What a wonderful offering to us today! Your art and positive statements are so uplifting and energizing. Thank you for taking us along on your Life quest.

Lis said...

I love this poem of you ...

a magpie collecting sparkling tools; warm hearted giver; energy discoverer; truth seeker; nourisher ... oh my YES Milena all that and so much more!

I see you standing in your Light and being a Light for all who are blessed to know you and be inspired by you.

Really divine stuff here my goddess friend. Really really yummy truthfulness and love. wow.

And what an important task: to re-write our stories, celebrate our strengths and be in charge of our happiness, our contentment.

Can you feel the giant-normous hug I am sending you? You've really lifted me up this evening.

xo Lis