Sunday, 6 June 2010


As my grandmother knows of my love for gardening, she recently sent me a rather wonderful piece of poetry with a dandelion as its subject ( it is by Helmut Herberg and called Psalm einer Pusteblume). I am only going to summarize its main points, as the original is in German and I really wanted to finish this post today. I had never considered how many lessons we can learn from this humble yet amazing flower.

The poem begins with a listing of all the characteristics a dandelion doesn’t have: It doesn’t have the delicate scent of the rose, nor does it bear fruit. It isn’t beautiful, therefore it isn’t used in bouquets, isn’t admired and given pride of place in florists, isn’t used as a muse in poetry, isn’t used in a romantic love song. Instead it is classified as a weed, it isn’t protected and indeed is sought out to be removed. However, we should think twice because:

A dandelion is not ashamed of itself and doesn’t feel insignificant just because others cannot see its true beauty straight away.
A dandelion doesn’t let itself be fenced in nor controlled, indeed it is able to live everywhere, as itself, speaking its own truth. It is therefore never short of a real home.
A dandelion is loved and acknowledged by children, they love to blow it seeds on further adventures.
A dandelion searches for closeness, to children and to animals, it never feels lonely and unwanted.
A dandelion is, if you look closely, a tiny sun, full of light, colour and warmth.
A dandelion nourishes freely, giving to all creatures who seek it, it never discriminates.
A dandelion heals, its humble nature holds such medicine inside.
A dandelion has strong roots, it isn’t easily removed for its roots run deep.
A dandelion has such a strong connection to nature, it doesn’t survive in artificial circumstances but thrives on the four elements.
A dandelion welcomes change, it undergoes such awe inspiring transformation. It can let go of the past as well as the present. It doesn't’ resist, instead it welcomes its new life.
A dandelion has patience, it undergoes transformation slowly, guided by the sun, showing such trust.
A dandelion welcomes the wind, even though it is a wind of change and uncertainty. A dandelion therefore has faith in the good.

And so, a dandelion is a symbol of such happiness if we only look closely and take the time to ponder.


Julia Guthrie said...

That is a lovely poem :) Dandelions are always quite magical I think...I still make a wish & blow on them now :) hehe

Barb said...

Hello Milena,
Wouldn't you know that on the day I was battling my dandelions, you give many stellar reasons why they should instead be cherished! You're right - my Grandchildren LOVE them and don't think of them as pests. The metaphor is a good one.

rachel awes said...

what a beautiful gift from your grandmother! love the dandelion!
just last week i made a wish with one (& haven't for a long long time!) lovely to connect with you about this! xo

Lis said...

Wow! Thank goodness I let my daughter inspire me to choose a dandelion as my symbol for my blog!

I will have to print this out!

Karin said...

As I was searching for more information about Helmut Herberg, I came upon your blog post about Dandelions. My most recent post was also a lose translation into the English of his wonderful poem of this plain little dandelion. Interesting blog you have! Blessings!