Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Suitable moments for drinking tea

Over the Christmas period - and oh how long ago that time seems now - I read a poem about suitable times for drinking tea, written by Hsu Ts’eshu all the way back in the  sixteenth century. It was in an alternative German advent calendar, Andere Zeiten - different times. Each day there was a text to sit with; sometimes to make you think and question, sometimes to make you smile, sometimes to make you take action.  It was a really thoughtful lead up to Christmas, giving the whole period more substance  instead of only looking forward to that piece of chocolate each day. Not that there is anything wrong with looking forward to chocolate I hasten to add! I am a tea lover and strongly believe that  drinking tea is a powerful ritual in many ways, so  brew yourself a cup and sit with me a while my friend, whilst I share my own moments with you:

Tea drinking moments.


Secrets need to tumble out at midnight and with abandon.
Nights are sleepless and the hours seemingly never ending.
You connect with a kindred spirit.
Despair threatens to swallow you whole. 
Inspiration calls to be digested.
Spirits are sky high in a perfect  moment.
Your bones are chilled to the core.
Stars invite you to gaze.
A sneaky biscuit is called for - when you should be working.
Fried nerves need soothing with steam and a little spice.
Solitude longs to be treasured, hands and mind meditate.
The rain thrashes against the window panes.
Wise words envelop your soul.
Candles burn and  the twinkle lights smile softly.
Will you share your tea drinking moments with me?

(P.S. after writing this I checked my inbox and found an email from Twinings Tea. Serendipity at work!)


Sally H said...

I spent quite a while in Whittards and Waterstones yesterday, and thought of you. Meg chose some Chocolate Chai, and I some Earl Grey and some Afternoon Tea. After reading your post a thought has come to me... a tea advent calendar with a new bag for each day!

demie said...

your poem is marvelous. and so is the image... i'm going to have some tea right now ; )

Lis said...

I love my tea moments but have to say, it does taste best when in England ... I am reminded of exhausting days trudging through London while in school and feeling utterly spent until ... yes, that afternoon cuppa revitalizing body and spirit!

Now my tea drinking is more a reminder that I deserve this moment of comfort, this moment to pause and relax. My tea at night is my celebration of having made it through another day.

I hope you are collecting your words with photos for a book ... i can see it now ... on my bedside ...

Helen (Dixon Hill Girl) said...

No-one would know there was even a smidgen of German in you - your tea-drinking sounds British through and through! LOL! :)