Thursday, 16 February 2012

I carry...

Today I would really like to share a poem written during the early morning hours, when I had woken myself coughing again, my brain immediately wide awake, preventing further rest. This is a glimpse of the internal me, I am embracing vulnerability here and hitting the publish button before I talk myself out of sharing.

I carry

I carry warm rain drops, shaping puddles of spirited solitude.

I carry a full heart, with my eyes its transparent windows.

I carry a leaden, bewildering fatigue; icy fingers gripping relentlessly.

I carry the rippling sea at midnight, with the moon’s shimmering reflection dancing.

I carry bookshelves labeled overwhelm and exasperation.

I carry a bright red envelope, cradling fragments of permission written on crumpled pages.

I carry allusive emeralds, sublime impressions of perfection.

I carry a patched cape around my shoulders, each permanent thread a woven story.

I carry a tiny silhouette of a silent, powerless child.

I carry a  labyrinth of layers, twisting and winding with both perplexity and resolve.

I carry illuminated embers, housing memories of gathered flames.

I carry a faded, enameled kettle, wisps of gentleness wandering cautiously.

I carry the potential of a chandelier of piercing light.

I carry the fate of each sunrise.


Lis said...

Oh Milena ... I think each sentence could leave me in a meditative state for quite some time ... such powerful, evocative images ... you carry all this and yet, you are so much more! I mean, we carry/we are so much vaster than we allow ourselves to comprehend.

By embracing your vulnerability, you tap into such immense strength and beauty. I hope you get woken up many mornings if this is what you will create!
xo Lis

Helen (Dixon Hill Girl) said...

Milena, this is SO BEAUTIFUL!!! I love it! Thank you so much for sharing your vulnerability...and your amazing talent.

Ruthie said...

I am so glad you pushed that publish button - this is very beautiful & moving & deep. x