Wednesday, 1 June 2011


This week's prompt is 'memory'. I thought I would open my box of old photographs and simply pick one for inspiration. Without warning  a poem needed to be written. I often wish I could travel back in time and befriend the younger me; to give her the love, hope and wisdom she needed so desperately. Therefore I have interpreted the theme quite freely but these thoughts are very much a part of me.

Time Traveller

Build fierce memories.
Keep them as maps tucked inside.
Reach, let them guide you.

Life is light and dark.
Attack the dense, inked shadows,
See the rainbows shine.

Give voice to your fears.
Swirl and twirl in their puddles.
Shed your tears freely.

Know you are enough.
Kindle that pulsing fire,
Brave and strong and true.

My sweet darling girl,
Your story is worth telling.
I will hold your hand.


Melinda said...

beautiful poem and reflection!

Bella said...

Honest to goodness - full of beauty. xo

Lis said...

Perfection dear Milena! I love the opening line ... build fierce memories ... and the image of you stomping in the puddles of you fears is a liberating one!

Yes, you do have many stories we need to hear.

xo Lis

kadfoto said...

I like where you took this prompt and the wise words it inspired you to write.

deb did it said...

wow wow wow. a beautiful, strong story here. Thank you for sahring

Karen D said...

Love it Milena, you have the soul of a poet..