Saturday, 7 November 2009

My Inner Goddess

The past few weeks I have been avidly following the Creative Goddess E-Course,which has given me so much creative inspiration. Take at a look at the wonderful course created by the lovely Goddess Leonie:

This week's task has been to create a piece of artwork to symbolise the greatness of the 'goddess within'. I knew straight away that my starting point would be a glowing crystal to radiate all that is good within myself, I then created an impression of the outer me to cradle that inner greatness. The piece is actually very nearly as tall as I am, a much larger task than I have ever dared to undertake, before but I am quite proud of the result. My lovely pusses certainly enjoyed leaving colourful paw prints all over the house arising from the chalk medium that I chose to use!


Sally H said...

I love that! The colours are so beautiful and that expression oozes contentment!

Julia Guthrie said...

what a fabulous create art symbolising the goddess within!! I love it :)
And your painting is beautiful :) xx