Friday, 1 June 2012

Bittersweet poetry

Another poetry offering for you today my lovely friends. When I read this poem for the first time, I knew I needed to share it with you, especially with the stationary addicts out there. It is such a truthful exploration of the awesome beauty and potential that crisp, new stationary has, and how this simply can't last - that special magic burns away a little, use by use. Things change. Of course the crayons in this poem could be a metaphor for many things, the poem has taken me onto paths that I am navigating step by step. Isn't it better to enjoy those 'crayons' for what they are instead of admiring from a far? Doesn't the feel of creating have much more depth? Isn't it possible to appreciate the new and the journey? That delicious  initial potential makes my heart beat faster, why don't I feel that way more often - what makes me so afraid?  However, taken literally, I love this poem for speaking to my stationary loving soul.


Lis said...

What a lovely treat for my Friday morning! I believe I could listen to you read the phone book and be transported! I love the sensuousness of the words, I too am a stationary and art supply addict ... I swear, a box of new crayon d'ache bring me to tears.

Thank you for sharing ... I love being able to hear your voice, "seeing" not just your physical form, but what stirs your heart.
xoxo Lis

Karen D said...

another great choice.. I love stationary porn!