Friday, 18 May 2012

My first ever video post

I have left this totally unedited, so I do apologise for the many erms and my dodgy camera finding skills at times. It is all in the practice I am sure. I feared that if I started editing, then the critical voices, which  live so abundantly in my head, would take over and I would be left with nothing. Also, on a braver note, I wanted to show the whole me, right here, right now :)

P.S. The book I mention is called Poetry Speaks Who I am. The  poem is Good Girl by Molly Peacock.


Lis said...

While I hate being "absent" I am loving my Milena "binge" today :)

I am so excited to hear you took Liz's poetry class ... I hope to take it when she offers it again. Will you be in the read along? I plan to do so.

Molly Peacock - sigh - I remember hearing a radio interview with her and loving her ... will have to go to my library now and find some books. Would love your list of favorite books/collections. (Peacock's memoir "Paradise, Piece by Piece" was wonderful if I recall ...)

I love your idea of sharing poetry this way ... I may have to join you in a little poetry reading dialogue? Hmmm ...

xoxo Lis

Jo said...

I got here in the end :) So lovely to see and hear you! x

Karen D said...

loved did great. It was like sitting across from you with a cup of tea.


Karen D said...

loved it .. you did fantastic.
It was just like sitting across from you with a cup of tea.