Monday, 2 January 2012

Capture a moment of a new beginning

Fitting for the first day of 2012, Bella asks us to look at that clean slate, how every action on the first day of a crisp, fresh year can be seen as a new beginning. The idea of focusing intently on my routines and environment,as if for the first time, was quite liberating for this soul - it really made me sink into my actions and surroundings with that little extra attention and care. I chose to capture my creative altar, a place where I intend to sit for a few stolen minutes each day and feel inspired. A recharging station for my soul. I've only just set it up, and so I know it will grow with riches over time, but the magic is there, I can feel it.


Jo said...

This makes me very happy :) I think you're going to have a wonderful year.

ArtMuseDog and Carol said...

Lovely altar ~ Great photo ~ Happy New Year ~ thanks, namaste, Carol (A Creative Harbor) ~ linked w/52 Photos ~

Genie said...

What a wonderful make yourself your creative altar. Maybe that is what I need to d with my big old chopping block which sits in the corner of the dining room catching dust. I wish for you a truly creative year filled with much happiness. Your picture is absolutely lovely. genie

Lis said...

Such a beautiful space ... I know you will be deeply nourished and centered there (^-^)

I too am trying to hone in on those things that support me and help me commit to myself, my life. I will think of you in the wee hours when I sit before my altar!

xo Lis

(apparently the above (^-^) is the Japanese version of :)
where happiness is registered through the eyes versus the smile.)

Misty said...

I am really drawn to the wind-whipped woman painting. May I ask where you got it or did you paint it? Lovely altar too!