Wednesday, 28 December 2011

One picture

I am stupidly late with my photo for last week's prompt: Just one photo. Share one of your favourite photos of the year and tell the story behind it. 

Today I finally have the time to sit down and catch up with myself, to take a deep breath and connect. So here it is, a little quiet number, not singing or dancing, not technically my best, but glowing with a moment of blissful calm, and an aura of achievement, during a bustling holiday period.

I think I have mentioned before on this blog,  how I have longed  to learn how to knit for many years. I never gave myself a chance because I didn't think I was able; I hold the craft of knitting on a pedestal you see. Well, after giving myself a good old talking to, I've finally begun      (thank goodness for youtube) and am now the proud owner of a rather cuddly, self knitted scarf. Of course, I am a beginner, and there is soooooo much to learn, but I no longer feel inferior to the world of knitting- I may call myself a knitter yet.

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Mary-Anne said...

thank you for stopping by & for your nice comment :)
oh yea, knitting is so much fun, just started recently myself. been quite busy in the world of crochet too.
i see you quote walt whitman ;) i fancy him too, next to lord byron ...
have a wonderful day :D