Friday, 4 November 2011

Walking the threads

So this week Spider has been gracing me with her presense over and over again. Those who know me are aware that I have quite an irrational fear of spiders, as many do, and I am usually more likely to be found running away from the tiny creatures, squeeling and begging someone to save me, rather than sneaking up close to take a more detailed look. But as part of my work on developing my intuitive skills I have been delving into the world of animal/spirit guides, my perspective opening up and beyond. I shake my head in wonder over and over again how I am finally becoming aware of ancient wisdom and lessons, which  I would not have given the time, nor the respect, to before. How easy it is to accept that distance from our origins.
I came across the most delicate, glistening spider web in my back garden, spun from the crisp November washing line to a plant container sitting dorment on the ground, highlighted beautifully by late Autumnal sunbeams. I stopped in my tracks, rushing towards the next item on my to do list completely forgotten. In the centre she was, still as still can be. Watching me intently. I’ve never examined the beauty of a web before and felt drawn to photograph its intricacy. I honestly felt awe at the intense achievement of this clever spider, who can create such beauty just by being her natural self and felt myself examining her just as closely as her home.

Once back inside I started researching and in the process I found a wealth of  strong medicine. Here are some of the delicious morsels I discovered:
Spider is the grandmother, the link to the past and the future. She is the wheel of life, the wheel of connections.
She is the spiral weaver, the centre of a world she constructs. She weaves her destiny.
She is the creative force with assertive feminine energy, focused with intent.
She is a unique combination of gentleness and incredible strenght.
She walks the threads with careful balance, both the physical and spiritual realms.
She is an ancient keeper of languages, a writer’s totem, a keeper of  knowledge and words.

Who knew that my fear hid such beauty and clarity?! I have much to learn from Spider.


Sally H said...

Wow! What a stunning photo! As you know, I love spiders and have also been fascinated by their amazing lives.

Lis said...

Oh this IS wild Milena! I love it! I have come to appreciate spiders after some fears myself. Now we leave daddy long legs alone in my girl's bathroom (he keeps his corner clean and we've agreed he can have his space if he honors ours.)

Are you in SouLodge this session? Spider came up in my journey work this week ... notions about connections have been on my mind and yes, you have been on my mind! Spider tells me to maintain those connections that support me being in flow, in trust and people like you are part of that network for me.

Beautiful images ... I hope spider continues to bless you with her magic and gifts of inspiration.

xo Lis

Celia said...

What a beautiful photo...I am scared of spiders....but I have respect for them. I don't know if I could get that close to take a picture....I tried once...not too long ago and I just couldn't get close enough to get a good picture....I kept freezing up.

Julia Guthrie said...

Beautiful pics...I too have that spider phobia.
Although these days I tend not to mind the 'charlottes' of the spider world. The long legged tiny bodied ones that seem rather harmless, or the ones too small to see properly.

The other ones however..the 'Shelobs' (Lord of the rings ref')...the huge black evil looking ones, are another matter entirely.
All's fair in love & being splatted with a shoe!! *shudders*

Barb said...

Incredible photographs, Milena. And, from reading your facts, perhaps I should be a little less squeamish about spiders!