Friday, 25 February 2011

Inner Child

Isn’t it funny how the important lessons in life often happen when you are in most need of them?

This week I spent a lovely afternoon babysitting my two gorgeous nieces, Summer and Casey, and in the process had one of those epiphany moments, the simple kind when you think to yourself, "Why did I not realise this before?" or "When did I forget that?” As I set out for my afternoon I have to admit I was a little worried about my auntie babysitting duties, as I do not consider myself to be good at looking after mini people ( Casey is ten months and Summer has just turned three). Whilst I happily support any school age child to achieve their goals and  am even relatively confident teaching a whole class of pre hormonal ten and eleven year olds,  the idea of having responsibility for such little people quite honestly takes me way out of my comfort zone! But you know what, we had a great time, and we had a great time because I decided to just get on with having fun instead of letting all those negative stories win. We played and played and played some more. In the process that inner child came out and had a fabulous time putting on voices for Summer’s animals, making cuddly toys dance and watching the fabulous Scooby Doo. 

I felt liberated and I am convinced the girls felt that too; the best things happen when you stop trying so hard and love the moment you are in! Lovely Lis of Dandelion Seeds and Dreams has created the term 'Joy warrior' for actively reclaiming the joy in your life, she writes: 
Being a Joy Warrior is not about doing more. It is not so much an effort, but a non-effort. It is a conscious choice to open myself up to Joy. That is it. Really. Trust me.”
I couldn’t agree with her more, she is a wise owl. After I read her post my Note from the Universe arrived in my inbox and told me:
Hey, Milena, don't you see? The "right" circumstances, people, and opportunities are just like "good" ideas - they come to you fastest, once you relax.”

Serendipity indeed!

Anyway back to my auntie tale- it was also really special to see Summer so avidly engaged in her imaginative play world, talking to her toys, convinced they were alive and talking back, tending to their every need and telling them stories to make them feel happy. It reminded me so much of when I was small, when I too created whole detailed worlds for my own toys for hours and hours on end, they being as real and as special to me as any human could be. It is this passion, this belief in the imagination that makes me truly smile- that inner child needs to play as play is good for you- just ask Summer!


Sally H said...

Couldn't agree with you more! Sunshine and fresh air could fall into the same category too x

Barb said...

Hi Milena,
I've found the older I get, the more my Inner Child comes to the forefront. As you know, both Lucinda and Waldo are part of my world. My older Grandchildren sometimes question me about whether Waldo is "real," but I've noticed they like to keep tabs on whether he's still smiling. I've told them to check him first thing in the morning because if he's smiling, it's going to be a great day! Also, they know better than to question Lucinda!